Is It Worth Getting a Lawyer for a Motorcycle Accident?

If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, you might find it worth it to hire a lawyer

A lawyer will be able to take care of all the legal work in your case while you focus on getting better.

A lot of lawyers who deal with motorcycle accidents offer free consultations to people who have been hurt in an accident. This will let you talk to a representative of the firm about your case, learn more about your options, and get a better idea of what a lawyer does without having to pay anything.

On a contingency-fee basis, many lawyers will also let you hire them without having to pay anything up front. In this deal, if you win your case, the lawyer’s fees will come out of the money you get.

In this article, we talk about the many ways a motorcycle accident lawyer can help accident victims.

A personal injury lawyer can help people who have been hurt in a motorcycle accident in a lot of ways. Your needs will depend on the details of your case, but here are some things that can make hiring a lawyer worth it:

How to Lessen Your Stress While You’re Healing

If you were hurt badly in the accident, you may still be getting treatment, going to rehab, or doing something else to get better. Having an attorney who will handle all parts of your case can reduce your stress, save you time, and let you focus on getting better. This is even more important if you have a serious injury that will change your life. Others, like your lawyer and his or her professional legal support team, can handle every part of your claim or lawsuit for you, but only you can get the medical treatment you need and go through the emotional process that will help you rebuild your life. By giving other people the tasks they can do for you and focusing on the things only you can do for yourself, you will reduce stress and improve your chances of getting the best results.

Getting evidence against the person who is responsible

When you hire a motorcycle lawyer, they will start looking for the person who caused the accident and gather evidence that could help you get paid. This can include getting evidence from the scene of the accident, finding witnesses and getting their statements, or getting testimony from accident reconstruction or medical experts on your behalf.

How to Deal with the Insurance Company and Make Sure Your Rights Are Protected

Your lawyer will talk to all the insurance companies involved and make sure all the paperwork is filed correctly. This can make it less likely that you will say the wrong thing or make a mistake on your legal documents.

Your lawyer will also make sure that you don’t lose your right to file a personal injury lawsuit because you missed the deadline set by Civil Practice Law & Rules 214. This part of the law says what the “Statute of Limitations” (SOL) is for your New York motorcycle accident case. The statute of limitations is the amount of time you have to file a lawsuit. If a lawsuit isn’t filed within the SOL period, the defendant has a defence to a lawsuit filed after the SOL, and the person who was hurt, who may have had a big claim, may be left without any legal remedy. There are some exceptions to the general SOL rule, which means that there are situations that give the person who was hurt more time to act. But because missing the SOL has such serious consequences, an experienced lawyer should carefully look into whether or not an exception applies. Even if a skilled lawyer looks over the SOL, it is best to act quickly and not “need” an exception.

Aside from the SOL, there are other time limits on claims and lawsuits. When deciding whether to hire a lawyer for a motorcycle accident, one of the most important things to think about is whether you will have dedicated legal representation who will take all the right steps on your behalf within all applicable SOLs and other deadlines.

How to Take Your Case to Court

If the insurance company for the person who hurt you doesn’t give you a fair offer, a motorcycle lawyer will take your case to court and make a strong case to a judge and jury that you should get all the money you’re owed. This will depend on the specifics of your case.

A lawyer will figure out what you’ve lost and write it down.

A lawyer for a motorcycle accident will look at the types of damages you’ve suffered and get proof of them. A lawyer will be able to hire medical or vocational experts to testify about what costs you may have in the future. This is in addition to any records you may have of current costs.

If you file a lawsuit for personal injury, you might be able to get money for things like:

Costs for medical care and lost wages

Damage to property.

Costs you paid out of pocket because of your accident.

Damages that aren’t related to money, like pain and suffering, can also happen.

Damages for wrongful death, if your loved one died in the accident.

When you call a motorcycle accident lawyer for a consultation, they will be able to tell you what kind of compensation you might be able to get.

How Friedman & Simon, L.P.A. will help you with your accident case

At Friedman & Simon, L.L.P., our personal injury lawyers fight hard for those who have been hurt. We are here to help you if you were hurt in a motorcycle accident in the New York metropolitan area.

If you talk to us and decide to go with our law firm, our lawyers and staff will:

Keep you up to date on how your case is going.

Find out who is responsible and what insurance policies they have.

Manage communication with everyone who needs it.

Gather evidence to build your case, such as statements from medical experts, vocational rehabilitation experts, life care planners, and economists, if the facts of your case call for it.

Put a value on your case.

We take on clients on a contingency-fee basis and don’t charge any upfront fees, so you can call us for a free review of your case without any worries.